Hi, I am
Lukas Koucky

Marketing manager
providing complex solution
for your marketing

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Swiss army knife marketer

I try to improve all components of marketing and product

My strength is a holistic view of marketing for managed projects and at the same time, I am gaining deep knowledge in each marketing channel.
Thus I can both lead a project and execute marketing channels.

  • Expert in increasing the profitability of online business
  • Helping clients improve online efficiency by improving strategy, web, marketing and decision making
  • Setting up a smooth running of the team from assignment and prioritization through workflow & communication to reporting
  • Gaining experience for more than 8 years – as a specialist, consultant and manager
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Sometimes one man army
is not enough

I like to get my hands dirty, but I can lead a team and evaluate performance

Where I worked

I more than doubled the number of purchases per month in

15 months 2017
100 mil. obrat
9 months 2019
Cool Credit
400 mil. obrat
6 months 2020
Expo bank
21 miliard aktiv

What’s on my mind

Don’t take my word for it, just check what my coworkers are saying!